EH Week Virtual Event – NiCHE-JHI Visual Cultures of the Circumpolar North Roundtable

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NiCHE-JHI Visual Cultures of the Circumpolar Virtual Roundtable

EH Week 2023

Wednesday, 19 April 2023, 12-2pm EDT, Zoom

NiCHE-JHI Visual Cultures of the Circumpolar Virtual Roundtable

As part of ASEH Environmental History Week 2023, please join us for the Visual Cultures of the Circumpolar North virtual roundtable co-hosted by NiCHE and the Jackman Humanities Institute (JHI) at the University of Toronto.

Now approaching the end of its second year, the Visual Cultures of the Circumpolar North JHI Working Group brings together international researchers at all career stages. We are interested in fostering north-south and east-west dialogues by drawing attention to the cultural, social, and environmental dynamics between Indigenous communities and settler populations across Alaska, Canada, Greenland, the Nordic countries, and Russia.

This event brings together contributors to Part I and Part II of the NiCHE series ‘Visual Cultures of the Circumpolar North’ and members of the JHI Working Group. Our speakers will share their work on Indigenous, environmental, and settler visual and textual pasts, presents, and futures around the circumpolar north.

As the disparate but also related images and examples in these series’ posts and the working group conversations attest, how we have thought about and conceive of the circumpolar north is an ongoing and intricate visual/textual process. Visual and material cultures seen through archival and auction records, popular and academic publications, museum exhibits, and alongside science, environment, and politics, reveal the complexities of continuing to critically engage with the circumpolar north.

Chair(s): Isabelle Gapp & Mark A. Cheetham


  • Andrew Bateman (Toronto Metropolitan University)
  • Clare Benson (University of Connecticut)
  • Ivana Dizdar (University of Toronto)
  • Sarah Pickman (Independent Scholar)
  • Rowan Red Sky (University of Toronto)
  • Jonathan Westaway (University of Central Lancashire)

Join us for a roundtable discussion that continues to expand the breadth, scope, and increasing importance of thinking visually about the circumpolar north.

Feature Image: Alene, John Savio. Mellom 1928 og 1934, Grafikk.
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Isabelle Gapp is an Interdisciplinary Fellow in the Department of Art History at the University of Aberdeen. Her research and teaching considers the intersections between nineteenth and twentieth century landscape painting, gender, environmental history, and climate change across the Circumpolar North.

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