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NiCHE: Network in Canadian History & Environment / Nouvelle initiative canadienne en histoire de l’environnement is a Canadian-based confederation of researchers and educators who work at the intersection of nature and history. We explore the historical context of environmental matters and communicate our findings to researchers, policymakers, and the public.

Meet Our Team

Running the network is a team effort. NiCHE is administered by an executive committee who also edit our online content, including blogs, podcasts, videos, and other resources. They are:

Ben Bradley

NiCHE Book Reviews Editor

Heather Green

Saint Mary’s University

Sean Kheraj

York University
NiCHE Director

Peter Stevens

Humber College

Andrew Watson

University of Saskatchewan

Claire Campbell

Bucknell University

Jessica van Horssen

Leeds Beckett University
Book Reviews Editor

Daniel Macfarlane

Western Michigan University

Sara Spike

Wilson Institute for Canadian History at McMaster University

M. Blake Butler

Western University
New Scholars Representative

Jessica DeWitt

Social Media Editor
Editor-in-Chief, The Otter Blog

Mica Jorgenson

University of Stavanger

James Murton

Nipissing University
Editor-in-Chief, The Otter Blog

Blair Stein

Clarkson University

Getting involved

NiCHE is first and foremost a community of people who share an interest in nature and the past. Most of our more than 400 members are Canadian, but we have many members from around the world. Most are students or scholars in some fashion, but others are government employees, environmental activists, and members of the general public. Membership is free. If you are interested in joining, please contact us via our user account request page.

Contributing to the website

The NiCHE website is a popular forum for activity and information about nature and the past in Canada. If you want to get a message out about an upcoming event, call for papers, or news item, we welcome submissions. And if you have an opinion about any issue related to nature and the past, The Otter ~ La Loutre also welcomes submissions. A complete guide for contributing to the website can be found in our Submission Guidelines page.

How we got here

NiCHE was founded in fall 2004 by a small team of scholars. Membership jumped quickly in the network’s first years, from 5 to 50 to 200, and activity accelerated apace. In 2007, NiCHE was awarded a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada Strategic Knowledge Clusters grant which provided the network with stable funding through 2015.

The executive during the Clusters years consisted of Laura Cameron, Queen’s U; Stéphane Castonguay, UQTR; Colin Coates, York U; Matthew Evenden, UBC; director Alan MacEachern, UWO; Liza Piper, U Alberta; Bill Turkel, UWO; and Graeme Wynn, UBC. The executive was supported by an Advisory Board of Stephen Bocking, Trent U; Michèle Dagenais, U Montréal; Philip Enros, Environment Canada; Tina Loo, UBC; Joy Parr, UWO; and Donald Worster, U Kansas.

NiCHE also greatly benefited by the assistance of Maude Flamand-Hubert, French-language editor of The Otter ~ La loutre, 2013-15; Josh MacFadyen, project manager, 2012-14; Jess van Horssen, Qu’est-ce qui se passe editor, 2010-12; Jim Clifford, project manager, 2010-12; Adam Crymble, webmaster, 2008-13; Shawn Day, webmaster, 2007-08; Michael Commito, McMaster U, new scholars rep, 2011-13; Lauren Wheeler, U Alberta, new scholars rep, 2011-12; Will Knight, Carleton U, new scholars rep, 2009-11; Sean Kheraj, new scholars rep, 2008-09; Jennifer Bonnell, new scholars rep, 2007-08; and Daniel Rueck, McGill U, longstanding regional networks rep.

NiCHE thrives today thanks to the commitment and creativity of all these people and the members of the network at large.

Contact us


Mailing address:
Network in Canadian History and Environment, Sean Kheraj
Department of History
York University
2140 Vari Hall
4700 Keele Street
Toronto, Ontario, M3J 1P3