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Sunset glows through blowing chaff, near Hardisty, Alberta. Photo: Andrew Marcille.

Musings on a Postmodern Prairie Harvest

or, What happens when you put an environmental historian behind the wheel of a $300,000 combine for twelve hours a day by Andrew Marcille While farming, I often remember John […]


Histoire véritable et naturelle des moeurs et productions du pays de la Nouvelle-France vulgairement dite le Canada

Pierre Boucher, Histoire véritable et naturelle des mœurs et productions du pays de la Nouvelle-France vulgairement dite le Canada, Texte établi en français moderne par Pierre Benoit, Septentrion, 2014, 191 […]

Job: Assistant Professor of Canadian History

University of Maine Canadian-American Center and Department of History Assistant Professor of Canadian History The University of Maine Canadian-American Center and the Department of History invite applications for a […]

Photo: Sara Spike, 2014

Cranberry Capers: Wild Harvesting in Nova Scotia, 1880s and 1950s

On the wall of the cookhouse at Memory Lane Heritage Village in Lake Charlotte, Halifax County, Nova Scotia, a weathered sign warns all comers against picking cranberries or foxberries between […]

Source: Major James Skitt Matthews, Capilano Canyon Vancouver BC, ca. 1905. Item CVA 371-211, City of Vancouver Archives.

The Landscape of Canadian Environmental History

The just-released issue of Canadian Historical Review contains “The Landscape of Canadian Environmental History,” a forum on the state and prospect of our field. And the CHR is helping make the issue […]

"Ghost Arroyos" Source: Neighborland, Market Street Prototype Project,

#EnvHist Worth Reading: November 2014

Every month I carefully track the most popular and significant environmental history articles, videos, audio, and other items making their way through the online environmental history (#envhist) community. Also check […]

Pend D'Oreille River, British Columbia. Source: Wikimedia Commons

Unearthing Columbia River Plateau Histories Through Environmental Assessment Reports

In my first years at university, I spent many summer days working as an intern for a mining company on a remediation project, reading through environmental assessment reports, environmental impact […]

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Un an sur la toile pour le Portail

Le Portail des humanités environnementales est l’expression d’un réseau de chercheurs qui souhaitent offrir un forum collaboratif où les problématiques environnementales appellent à la discussion entre les disciplines. Son objectif […]


Lewiston, Maine’s Little Canada: Revealing the Cultural Intentions of French-Canadian Migrants

In a short period of time after the US Civil War, French-Canadian ethnic enclaves emerged in many of New England’s medium-sized cities, featuring ethnic churches, schools, press, and businesses. The […]

Robert Harris, Canoe Cove (1879)

Violence and Idealism in Environmental History: A Teacher’s Dilemma

You picked the one strain of history that doesn’t involve violence. My partner said this to me last spring during one of our many conversations about the academy and our […]

La Laurentie. Ministère de l'Énergie est des Ressources naturelles du Québec. Comprend des données ouvertes octroyées sous la licence d'utilisation des données ouvertes de l’Administration gouvernementale disponible à l’adresse Web : 
www.donné L'octroi de la licence n’implique aucune approbation par l’Administration gouvernementale de l’utilisation des données ouvertes qui en est faite.

Pour ne pas perdre la carte!

Dans le cadre de mes recherches sur les représentations de la forêt au Québec, je travaille avec une diversité de sources, à travers lesquelles je voyage quotidiennement à la grandeur […]


Public Lecture: Making a Multidisciplinary Environmental History of the Baltic Sea

It is one of the most polluted and one of the most protected bodies of water in Europe. This is the irony of the Baltic Sea in the twentieth century […]