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Robert Harris, Canoe Cove (1879)

Violence and idealism in environmental history: A teacher’s dilemma

You picked the one strain of history that doesn’t involve violence. My partner said this to me last spring during one of our many conversations about the academy and our […]

La Laurentie. Ministère de l'Énergie est des Ressources naturelles du Québec. Comprend des données ouvertes octroyées sous la licence d'utilisation des données ouvertes de l’Administration gouvernementale disponible à l’adresse Web : 
www.donné L'octroi de la licence n’implique aucune approbation par l’Administration gouvernementale de l’utilisation des données ouvertes qui en est faite.

Pour ne pas perdre la carte!

Dans le cadre de mes recherches sur les représentations de la forêt au Québec, je travaille avec une diversité de sources, à travers lesquelles je voyage quotidiennement à la grandeur […]


Public Lecture: Making a Multidisciplinary Environmental History of the Baltic Sea

It is one of the most polluted and one of the most protected bodies of water in Europe. This is the irony of the Baltic Sea in the twentieth century […]

HMCS Montreal near Nanisivik, DND

Portrait of a Country: Images for Teaching Canada

You know how they say that just as long as you’re two days ahead of the students, you’re okay? (Who is “they”? I’d like to have a word with them.) […]

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Embedded Wounds in the Histories of Pipelines and Petro-chemicals

This past June, I graduated from my master’s degree in Canadian Studies at Carleton University. I was accompanied on stage by friends in my program who were also receiving their […]

"False Creek sunrise panorama 2014" by Gord McKenna

“Landscape, Nature, Memory”: Touring Vancouver by Foot

My experience as a tourist has often been about consuming the novel, quaint, or adventurous aspects of a place. As much as travel is about seeing and doing unfamiliar things, […]

Harold Fisk's maps of the alluvial history of the Mississippi River, 1944. Source:  US Army Corps of Engineers, Engineering Geology & Geophysics Branch.

#EnvHist Worth Reading: October 2014

Every month we carefully track the most popular and significant environmental history articles, videos, audio, and other items making their way through the online environmental history (#envhist) community. Also check […]

Architecture traidtionnelle en pans de bois, Rennes. Photo: Maude Flamand-Hubert, 2014.

Le NICHE rend visite au RUCHE à Rennes

Les 16 et 17 octobre dernier, se tenait à l’Université Rennes 2 le colloque du RUCHE (Regroupement de chercheurs en histoire environnementale). C’est en Bretagne que les organisateurs, Raphaël Morera, […]

"Two Worlds Colliding," NFB Documentary about Starlight Tours and Aboriginal Deaths

Cold Cases: Hypothermia before, and after, Stonechild

The 2013 ice storm left hundreds of thousands of Canadians out in the cold and made some people pause to consider the fragility of urban energy systems in a changing […]

Source: Yatmandu, "Parliament Cats,"

A Parliament of Cats

When I lived in Ottawa, my wife and I regularly strolled up Parliament Hill to visit the cat sanctuary. Right beside the Canadian Parliament, less than a stone’s throw away, were […]

Ville de Matane, en 1950. Source: SHGM.

L’industrie du sciage et l’exploitation forestière dans la région matanaise : le déclin des années 1950

Par Rémi Lefrançois À la fin des années 1950, l’industrie du sciage au Bas-Saint-Laurent vit un véritable choc avec la fermeture coup sur coup des usines de sciage de la […]

Image Credit: Richard Huffstutter, "Hot Dogs on City Beach, Laguna, CA," 2009, available at

Hot Dog Stands and “Overcivilized Beaches”

  “From the heat and horror of the roads, from the fumes of a thousand exhausts—‘pure, ethereal gale,’ forsooth!—from all hot-dog stands, wayside ‘shoppes’ and traffic jams, good Lord, deliver us!”[1] […]