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Log jam at a river bend ca. 1935.(Courtesy of the Fort Frances Museum & Cultural Centre, Fort Frances, Ontario)

International Timber Thieves of Northwestern Ontario

Everyone knows about rum runners between Canada and the United States during the time of prohibition, but who knew about the days of pine pilfering? I spent the last year […]


Travel, Tourism, and the Environment: Winning Photos

Late this summer, NiCHE held a photo contest on the theme of Travel, Tourism, and the Environment. Participants were invited to submit photographs that capture some of the complex relationships […]

Image reproduced from “An Interim Report on the Yukon-Taiya Project, Alaska-Canada," Alaska District Office, Bureau of Reclamation, U.S. Department of the Interior, Juneau, Alaska (June, 1951).

The Yukon River Diversions: An Environmental Historical Ghost Story

A prominent contemporary narrative about the Canadian North is one of endless, hopeful possibility tied to the mobilization of resources on a “new” frontier. Andrew Stuhl has exposed the politics […]


Review of Magnan, When Wheat was King

Reviewed by James Murton André Magnan, When Wheat was King: the Rise and Fall of the Canada-UK Wheat Trade. Vancouver: UBC Press, 2016. 205 pp. Figures, tables. 978-0-7748-3114-7. Think about […]


#EnvHist Worth Reading: September 2016

Every month I carefully track the most popular and significant environmental history articles, videos, audio, and other items making their way through the online environmental history (#envhist) community. You can […]

This map of the pre-1930s mining lake-bed was made by georeferencing historic maps over modern satellite imagery in ArcMap.

Mined Earth: Global Gold Rushes and Canadian Nature

Editor’s Note: This post is the third in the “Seeds: New Research in Environmental History” series cosponsored by NiCHE and Edge Effects, highlighting the work of members of the American Society for Environmental History (ASEH) […]

Modern Treaty Territories in Canada in 2009. Nearly half of Canada’s lands and waters are in some way impacted by these comprehensive land claim agreements. Reproduced with permission of the Land Claims Agreement Coalition.

Modern Treaties in Canada: A Call for Engaged, Collaborative Historical Research

by Andrew Stuhl, Bruce Uviluq, Anna Logie, and Derek Rasmussen Editor’s note: This post originally appeared at Modern treaties are reshaping Canada. Since 1975, the federal government and Indigenous communities […]

Cavendish Beach, PEI National Park (December 2010)

The Environmental History of the Gulf of St. Lawrence

He was looking at her closely as they went up a hill after crossing a river so blue that Jane had exclaimed in rapture over it . . . a […]

The Forest School in High Park, Toronto (13 June 1917), Library & Archives Canada

The Now-Annual Call for Syllabi

It’s a new school year – new lunchbox, new pencils, new syllabi! Like last year, if you’ve got new classes in or involving environmental history, we’d like to hear from […]

Muskrat Falls Generating Station under construction (copyright Nalco)

History Lingers at Muskrat Falls

Editor’s Note: This post is the fourth and final in a series titled “Dam Nation: Hydroelectric Developments in Canada.” Is Muskrat Falls a Big Dam? Muskrat Falls is an 824-megawatt capacity hydroelectric project […]

LG 2

Hydroelectric Development in Eeyou-James Bay

Editor’s Note: This post is the third in a series titled “Dam Nation: Hydroelectric Developments in Canada.” James Bay is a place that evokes different histories, different perspectives of nationhood, and a good […]

Photo Credit: Emma Gilchrist, DeSmog Canada

“To C or not to C”: Dam Development in Northern British Columbia

Editor’s Note: This post is the second in a series titled “Dam Nation: Hydroelectric Developments in Canada.”   The pun is terrible, but Hamlet’s soliloquy about choices and consequences is an apt place […]