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Navarro River, reaching the Pacific, March 2014

Thinking at three miles an hour: A Canadian on the road

by Andrew Cardinal. I am amazed by the immensity of the world, and by how quickly we can traverse it. It has taken me two months to drive from southern […]

Platearius, Livre des simples médecines, c. 1480.

Beaver for Lent

by Dolly Jørgensen. Today’s the last day of Lent, which got me thinking about beaver. That might not sound like an obvious connection but they are in fact related. During the […]

Bradypus. Source: Stefan Laube Wikipedia

The Problems of an Eighteenth-Century Menagerie

by Lisa Smith. Sir Hans Sloane (1660-1753) was a famous physician and well-known collector, whose collections became the core of the British Museum (founded in 1753). The online database of Sloane’s […]


Review: Wet Prairie

Review by Chris Bowles (Wilfrid Laurier University) Published on The Otter-NiCHE (April, 2014). Shannon Stunden Bower. Wet Prairie: People, Land and Water in Agricultural Manitoba. Vancouver: University of British Columbia […]

Dame à la licorne. À mon seul désir. © 2011, Rmn-Grand Palais – Tous droits de reproduction réservé

Jacques Le Goff : espace et nature à l’époque médiévale

Jacques Le Goff est décédé le mardi premier avril, à l’âge de 90 ans. Connu comme l’un des plus grands médiévistes de France, il a aussi marqué l’historiographie en tant […]

“reading – lectura” by Antonio Mantero

#EnvHist Worth Reading: March 2014

As many NiCHE readers know, a lot of great articles, announcements, resources, and much more get posted to Twitter, using the #envhist hashtag. For four years now, Twitter users have […]

Céline Berrier-Lucas, 2014

Contribution à l’histoire de la dimension environnementale de la RSE

Par Celine BERRIER-LUCAS, Université Paris-Dauphine, DRM-MOST Contribution à l’histoire de la dimension environnementale de la RSE : une étude franco-québécoise d’EDF et d’Hydro-Québec des années 1950 aux années 1970  Recherche […]

Winter storm. Source: Wikipedia

Does climate change cause social crisis?

by Dagomar Degroot, Does climate change cause social crisis? A look at the Little Ice Age. The Little Ice Age (LIA) was a period of generally cooler, and more variable, temperatures that was […]


Trading Consequences’ Maiden Voyage

For the past two years, the “Trading Consequences” team has been hard at work exploring how to get computers to read to historical sources and to visualise the results in […]

Environment Canada Observation, Goderich, ON November, 1913. Source: Environment Canada

Environment Canada archival collection coming to Western

First published 30 January 2014. It’s nice at the end of the coldest month in memory to report some warming news – and weather-related news at that. A large, nationally-significant […]

Review: Boyd, The Right to a Healthy Environment

Review: The Right to a Healthy Environment

Review by Michael Rowan (University of Toronto) Published on The Otter-NiCHE (March, 2014) David R. Boyd. The Right to a Healthy Environment: Revitalizing Canada’s Constitution. UBC Press: Vancouver, 2012. 336 […]

St. Laurent, signing the UN Charter in San Francisco as Mackenzie King looks on, 26 June 1945. Flickr

Canadians in San Francisco

Canadians are going to San Francisco this week and “crossing divides” with environmental historians at the 2014 ASEH annual conference. All but one of the NiCHE executives are on the […]