Call for Papers – Environmental Histories of Foraging

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Environmental Histories of Foraging

A NiCHE Series

Proposal Deadline: April 15th, 2023

Series Publication: Starts May 2023

Through the act of foraging, environments become dynamic, lived spaces rather than static backdrops.
How do moments of engagement with the environment while foraging shape the past and future? How are the conditions upon which we are able to engage with environments constructed and how do they affect (or detract from) our relationships to nature? What potentials do histories of foraging have to change current and future perspectives on nature?
By approaching the topic of foraging from different angles possibilities for new research and new conversations about environmental interactions emerge.

NiCHE invites submissions for Environmental Histories of Foraging. Final posts should be 500-1200 words on the subject of foraging and environmental history. The series will focus on the foraging of plants and fungi, and blog posts are welcome in a variety of styles, including traditional academic writing, narrative pieces, interviews, reflective pieces, discussion of research findings, visual essays, and more. A main goal of the series is to examine the significance of foraging as an interactive endeavor from a multitude of viewpoints in environmental history.

Contributions need not focus on a specific region – any geographical location as well as more theoretical/reflective approaches to foraging and environmental history are welcome.

Possible topics related to foraging include but are not limited to:

  • Histories of specific species 
  • Comparisons of practices across regions
  • Enquiries into non-human/human relations
  • Indigenous relationships to foraging
  • Processes of identifying species
  • Connections to environmental futures
  • Contemporary foraging practices
  • Cultural and social significance of foraging
  • Connections to craft and material sourcing
  • Relationships to nature 
  • Case studies in a specific region or time period
  • Medicinal uses of gathered species
  • Restrictions and issues of land access
  • Ecological impacts
  • Pedagogical aspects of foraging

Those interested should submit a proposal of 150 words by April 15th, 2023. 
Selected contributors will be notified by April 22th, 2023.
The publication of the series will begin in May 2023 and will be ongoing based on contributions.

Send proposals as well as a brief bio of 100 words via the submission form below. 
Feel free to reach out with any questions to Nicole Miller    nicole.miller [at]
We look forward to your submissions.

NiCHE offers $100 CAD honoraria to contributors without adequate or consistent access to institutional support. Learn more about our honoraria policy here.

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Nicole Miller is an artist and visual anthropologist based in Sweden working at the intersection of art, philosophy, and environmental history. Her research interests include: the interplay of photography and archives with environmental engagement, collecting as a process that encourages new perceptions of one’s environment, and new possibilities for multi-sensory historical, environmental research. She also is project coordinator for the Integrated History and Future of People on Earth (IHOPE) International Research Network.

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