Call for Papers: Rethinking War, Virtual Conference

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Rethinking War Conference

2nd Annual Virtual Conference: April 21-22, 2023

Organized by Bridget Keown, PhD : University of Pittsburgh

Following a highly successful conference last spring, Rethinking War is back, and eager to continue our study of war across disciplines and types of narrative. This is a conference that welcomes presentations, works-in-progress, and discussions from scholars and students of all levels, including undergraduates, public historians, museum professionals, veterans, and military professionals.

The work of recovering, constructing, and sharing narratives in an inherently political one. This is especially true regarding discussions of state-sanctioned and organized violence. Multiple frameworks, disciplinary perspectives, and forms of expression are required to grasp such experiences fully and consequentially. More importantly is the act of recognizing the voices, knowledges, and insight of students and scholars from a diverse range of identities and experiences. This conference welcomes inclusive examinations of war that query notions of periodization, power, and relationships with and to violence. Further, we seek to challenge traditional binaries of war/peace, veteran/civilian, home-front/battlefield, and digital/tangible sites of war as a way of querying the nature of war itself as part of the human experience.

The conference organizers wish to receive proposals related to “the effects of war on the lived and natural environment.”

Please submit a proposal of no more than 250 words by March 19, 2023.

Proposals will be accepted for individual papers, as well as for non-traditional forms of presentations. We also welcome expressions of interest from those who are interested in attending the conference without presenting.

Rethinking War Conference poster, 2023
Feature Image: War Memorial. Ottawa, Ontario. 15 January 1965. Credit: Ted Grant/Library and Archives Canada/

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Bridget Keown

Bridget Keown earned her PhD in history at Northeastern University, where her research focused on the experience and treatment of war-related trauma among British and Irish women during the First World War and Irish War of Independence, and the construction of history through trauma. She has written blogs on this research for the American Historical Association and Lady Science, and is a contributing writer for Nursing Clio. She is also researching the history of kinship among gay and lesbian groups during the AIDS outbreak in the United States and Ireland. Her other interests include the history of emotions, history of medicine, gender and the horror genre, and postcolonial queer theory and performance. Bridget is a co-chair of the Gender and Memory Working Group of the Memory Studies Association and serves on the Executive Council of the American Conference for Irish Studies.

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