ESEH 2025 Conference on Climate Histories

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The planning for the 13th European Society for Environmental History (ESEH) Conference to be held in 2025 has begun!

The ESEH 2025 conference will be held in Uppsala, Sweden from August 18th – 22nd, 2025 with the theme Climate Histories.

With the theme Climate Histories the conference attempts to rethink the written and material records of social adaptabilities to understand what it means to live through an era of rapid climate change. Climate Histories will work to bridge connections between environmental history of the past and practical action in the present. One aspiration of the conference is to incorporate artists and artistic practice in order to activate collaborations between research and the broader public on the topic of climate change. ESEH 2025, with the theme Climate Histories, will encourage new ways of storytelling to understand and examine the relationship between climate change, history, and the present day. 

The conference will be organized through a partnership with: 

Feel free to reach out via email at:

info [at]

More details can be found on the ESEH 2025 conference website.

If you want to be sure to know about deadlines for registration, activities, and calls for contributions, join the mailing list to receive updates about the 13th European Society for Environmental History Conference to your inbox as they become available. 

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Nicole Miller is an artist and visual anthropologist based in Sweden working at the intersection of art, philosophy, and environmental history. Her research interests include: the interplay of photography and archives with environmental engagement, collecting as a process that encourages new perceptions of one’s environment, and new possibilities for multi-sensory historical, environmental research. She also is project coordinator for the Integrated History and Future of People on Earth (IHOPE) International Research Network.

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