Deadline Extended for the Transnational Ecologies Migratory Natures Photograph / Audio Contest

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Deadline: Nov 15 2010
Event Website: –
City: n/a
Primary Contact Name: Laura Cameron
Contact Email:

There is still time to submit a photo or an audio recording to the Transnational Ecologies contest. Send us your photographs (or recordings) of your sighted (or heard) ‘migratory natures’. And send along an explanatory description/story as well. All photos and audio files will be posted on the Transnational Ecologies pages and the best ones will be featured on the NiCHE main page. Transnational Ecologies offers 3 book gift certificates of $50 each for the best in the following categories:

  1. most original photograph
  2. most original recording
  3. most beautiful contribution of either sound or image.

For full contest details, see the original announcement.

We look forward to seeing and hearing your entries.

Featured image: Swans in Humber Bay, Toronto. Photo by Elvir K on Unsplash.

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