Transnational Ecologies Announces Migratory Natures Photograph and Audio Recording Contest

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Deadline: Nov 15 2010
Event Website: –
City: N/A
Primary Contact Name: Laura Cameron
Contact Email:

Many in Canada’s eastern provinces are beginning to witness sights and sounds of seasonal movements: monarch butterflies are coming through, geese are leaving, and the numbers of human observers in the parks have started to swell. Of course such witnessing is the result of many factors – including one’s place on the globe, one’s cultural and historical contexts as well as changing climates and migration patterns.

Send us your photographs (or recordings) of your sighted (or heard) ‘migratory natures’. And send along an explanatory description/story as well. All photos and audio files will be posted on the Transnational Ecologies pages and the best ones will be featured on the NiCHE main page. Transnational Ecologies offers 3 book gift certificates of $50 each for the best in the following categories:

  1. most original photograph
  2. most original recording
  3. most beautiful contribution of either sound or image.

Please send audio files in mp3 format: they should be small enough to be sent via email.


  • This competition is open to NiCHE members worldwide. NiCHE membership is free and there is no fee for entering this contest.
  • You must be the photographer and owner of the copyright for any image entered. Likewise you must be the sound recordist and owner of any recording entered.
  • You can submit a maximum of three images and three recordings to this contest.
  • You will retain copyright of your entries at all times and will always be credited alongside your picture or audio file. By entering this competition, you grant NiCHE the right use your photograph or audio file for promotional or educational purposes.
  • NiCHE contract employees and members of the NiCHE executive are not eligible
  • Results are at the sole discretion of the judges and cannot be appealed. Not all prizes will necessarily be awarded.
  • The deadline for entry is 15th November 2010.

Please send your entry as an email attachment to:

Featured image: Knot flock landing on the shores Bahia Lomas, 2007. Photo by Mark Peck.

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