L’Industrialisation des Rivieres / Industrialization of Rivers

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Event Date: Sep 24 2009 – Sep 26 2009
Event Website: –
City: Trois-Rivieres, Quebec
Country: Canada
Primary Contact Name: Stephane Castonguay
Contact Email: Stephane.Castonguay@uqtr.ca

24- 26 Sept, 2009: How have rivers been put to work? What technologies have transformed their flow regimes? In what ways do rivers serve as the sanitary systems of cities? Stephane Castonguay will host a conference on the industrialization of rivers supported by the water history project and a grant from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada . The conference addresses particular cases in North America and Europe and will build a broad comparative perspective. Bringing together invited participants from North America and Europe, the conference will travel to meeting sites and field locations in Montreal, Trois-Rivières and Shawinigan as well as places in-between. Following the conference, Castonaguay and Evenden will edit the proceedings as a book. For further information, please contact Stéphane Castonguay (Stephane.Castonguay@uqtr.ca) or Matthew Evenden (mevenden@interchange.ubc.ca).

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Matthew Evenden is a professor in the Department of Geography and the Associate Vice-President, Research & Innovation at the University of British Columbia. His research lies in environmental history and water history and focuses on the history and politics of large rivers, particularly in Canada.

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