A Roundtable on the Past and Future of Hydro in British Columbia

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Event Date: Nov 20 2008
Event Website: –
City: Vancouver, BC
Country: Canada

Participants: Paul Hirt (Arizona State), Tina Loo (CRC, UBC) and Jeremy Mouat (U of Alberta).

British Columbians face major dilemmas in the near future over hydro and energy policy. How should the Columbia River Treaty be re-negotiated? How will new generation projects be conceived and implemented? Will the Peace River be dammed again? Who will participate in these debates and how? This roundtable will not seek to answer these questions, but will offer three views on the history of hydro in BC that will help to provide perspective and context. Each speaker will provide a brief overview of some of their recent research on hydro in BC – from the Peace to the Columbia and beyond. Following the presentations, we will open up the discussion to the audience.

For more information about Nature/History/Society events, contact: Matthew Evenden (mevenden@interchange.ubc.ca) or Eagle Glassheim (eagle.g@ubc.ca).

Audio recordings of the presentations are available in NiCHE’s Audio Archive.

This event is put on by the Nature History Society. NHS gratefully acknowledges the financial support of Green College and the Network in Canadian History and Environment.

Featured image: Klondike Highway at Shallow Lake, near Fraser, British Columbia, 1992. Photo by Ron Clausen on Wikimedia Commons.

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Matthew Evenden is a professor in the Department of Geography and the Associate Vice-President, Research & Innovation at the University of British Columbia. His research lies in environmental history and water history and focuses on the history and politics of large rivers, particularly in Canada.

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