Upcoming Projects and Plans for the Forest History Cluster

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Our 2008-2009 work plans and a summary of our startup activities have been made available here. Additionally, I have begun gathering information for two small database projects. Attention, interested researchers!

Forest History Researcher Database
As part of the forest history webpage, we will be able to host a small directory of researchers and parties doing all kinds of work on forest history across Canada. Entries will be short, with name, affiliation, contact information, and any links of interest. At this stage, it is designed such that you must email me (davis.emilyjane@gmail.com) with your information and I will post it.

Forest History Resources Database
I am going to create an online source for forest history links, topics of interest, posting of photos, and more. It will hopefully contain an array of resources including syllabi for educators, information about museum exhibits, archival holdings, interesting research taking place, etc. I have yet to decide how this will be housed; either via this page, or as a linked “blog” from an external blogspot-type webpage. I will update here when things are sorted out. In the meantime, please contact me with any material that you would like to see in this resource site (davis.emilyjane@gmail.com).

Featured image: Gorge Bridge and building, between 1893 and 1900, Vancouver Island. University of Washington: Special Collections. Photo by Charles Macmunn. Accessed via Wikimedia Commons.

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