Exploring our Roots: Forest History in our Communities

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2009 Conference of the B.C. Forest History Association
September 17 – 19, 2009
Prince George, B.C.

The Exploring our Roots: Forest History in our Communities Conference intends to explore the dynamic relationship between our forests and their people through presentations, exhibitions and open discussion. Invited speakers will present a number of diverse topics, each imbued within the history of our forests and its communities.

The history of B.C. forests extends far beyond that of harvestable natural resource or dynamic natural environment. The history of our forests encompasses the history of our communities, our social networks, our culture, our livelihoods, and even our individual and familial identities. B.C. forests have created, sustained, inspired, and maintained our communities for centuries. Forestry is intrinsically linked with the rooting of familial ties, the development of socio-economic constructs, and the definition of self and place that has spanned and evolved over generations in this province. However, this significant aspect of forest history is often outshone, by the economic, political, ecological and/or technological issues surrounding our forests. Therefore the intention of this conference is to bring the history of the forests and its peoples to the forefront. Because this is only the second time in its history that the B.C. Forest History Association has offered its annual conference outside of the Lower Mainland, the focus will be on what forest history means to the people and communities within the Central and Northern Interior of B.C.

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For more information on this upcoming conference, please contact:
Melanie Karjala
T: 250-960-6338
E: karjal0@unbc.ca

Erica Hernãndez
T: 250-960-6602
E: hernande@unbc.ca

Featured image: Northern lights in Prince George, British Columbia, 2015. Photo by Mike Hochachka on Wikimedia Commons.

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