Forest History Society

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The Forest History Society is an ideal starting place for archival research on Canada’s forests. The following information is from their website:

  • The FHS Environmental History Bibliographic Database contains information on over 3,200 publications about Canada.
  • The FHS Environmental History Archival Collections Database contains descriptions of about 900 groups of records about Canadian individuals or organizations to be found in repositories within and outside of Canada.
  • FHS has published around 50 articles about Canada in its various journals and magazines and eight full-length books with Canadian content.
  • FHS receives 10 Canadian journals and houses small collections of other Canadian publications from 1900–1930 in its Library and Archives.
  • FHS has conducted 10 oral history interviews dealing with Canadian topics. The list of these oral histories can be found at:
  • The FHS Board of Directors has 4 Canadian members including one of its Vice-Chairs.
  • FHS is affiliated with Duke University, and maintains close working relationship with several departments on campus including the Center for Canadian Studies.
  • Through its affiliation with Duke University, all contributions to FHS are tax deductible to individuals and corporations, according to Revenue Canada.

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