Site C Forum Published

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Event Date: Nov 20 2009
Event Website: –
City: Vancouver, BC
Country: Canada

The future of BC energy policy turns to a considerable extent on the possibility of further hydro development on the Peace River at Site C. For decades Site C has been a controversial flash point amongst Peace Valley residents, environmentalists and politicians. In November 2008, the Canadian Water History Project organized a special workshop on the proposed dam, its history and its possible effects. The meeting brought together representatives of First Nations communities and environmental organizations in the Peace region with academics from BC and elsewhere who study electricity, water history and public policy. At the end of the meeting, participants were invited to submit op-eds for a special forum section of the journal, BC Studies. That forum has just been published in the Spring 2009 issue. Although only the paper version is available, electronic versions of the op-eds should soon be made available on the BC Studies website.

Featured image: Peace River Valley Site C, area within planned flooding zone, 2017. Photo by Jeffrey Wynne on Wikimedia Commons.

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