Thank You To Our Supporters!

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Thanks to our generous supporters, our 2023 November Fundraising Campaign was a success!

We set an ambitious goal this year. We set out to raise double what we have asked for in our two prior November fundraising campaigns: $16,000!

We didn’t quite get there, BUT we did raise more funds than ever before. Thank you.

What does this mean? It means that thanks to our community we can continue to offer $100 CAD honorarium to our contributors without adequate financial support. We can continue to pay our social media and digital strategist. We can pay our web-hosting fees. We can cover publishing costs for our peer-reviewed publication, PiCHE. And with the extra funds we raised this year, we can start to rebuilt support structures for graduate students, like travel funds.

Did you miss the main fundraising event? Do not fret! You can purchase from our first collection of NiCHE merchandise until December 13th! And those of you who did donate in the main campaign can still take advantage of your merchandise discount code.

Sean Kheraj and Jessica DeWitt model new NiCHE t-shirts and show off new NiCHE coffee mug

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