Bingeable Series: NiCHE Compilations of Otter Posts

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At some point this week, for the first time, the NiCHE website will receive its 200,000th view in a single year. Remarkable.

There are many ways to explain the consistent increase in our readership over the past few years (publishing posts nearly daily, a strong social media presence, branching out into more environmental humanities content), but one of the most significant has been the excellent work of our editors to curate and organize NiCHE blog post series.

Thanks to the hard work of our 2023 NiCHE intern, Asad Jessani, and our Editor-in-Chief, Jessica DeWitt, we now have a designated page on the website where you can browse all of our series.

In 2015, Tina Adock organized our first series on Landscapes of Science (and which resulted in an eBook). Over the next five years, our editors published 21 series, including 7 edited by Tina Adcock who really opened our eyes to the potential of the series. Since 2020, we have published another 39!

Most of the series have been organized and edited by members of the NiCHE blog editorial board, but a few have been organized by members of the New Scholars Committee of NiCHE, including Water Pedagogies (edited by Sritama Chatterjee), Digital Natural History (edited by Heather Rogers and Nick Koenig), and Arts-Based Research in the Anthropocene (edited by Amrita DasGupta).

Some series ran for several years, some have featured multiple parts, and a few are on-going series that continue to publish new content, such as the Unearthed series that feature profiles of emerging scholars. In many cases, series have unfolded over the course of many weeks or months, in others the whole thing was published within a short period of time. Regardless of their format or length, these series represent an impressive commitment of time and energy on the part of our editors to work with individual contributors to produce some insightful, creative, and interdisciplinary content.

Our editors are all volunteers who are committed to making NiCHE a global hub of environmental history and humanities research and knowledge mobilization. Many of our contributors experience job insecurity and precarity, and we are happy to share that in 2023 we paid over $2,000 in honoraria to contributors who expressed a need.

To continue this work of publishing high-quality blog series on so many varied topics and themes that bring together scholars from multiple disciplines from around the world, we need your support. Please consider donating to help support NiCHE!

Feature image: A collage of various feature images from our blog series.

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