What Has NiCHE Done for You Lately?

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But perhaps you’re wondering, “What’s NiCHE done for me lately?” It’s easy to overlook all the work we’ve been doing, because there’s been so much of it that maybe you don’t remember life without it! So here’s a little review of what NiCHE has published in 2022.

As of November 14, NiCHE had published or was scheduled to publish 233 posts in 2022! That’s roughly 4.7 posts per week, or about one post every weekday (not including our two week December break)!

Our editors organized eleven (!!) series this year, which amounted to a total of 69 posts! You can check out all the posts from each of them by clicking on the links in the list below.

NiCHE 2022 Series

Community-led Histories of Wood Buffalo National Park, edited by Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation, Peter Fortna, Sabina Trimble, and Jessica DeWitt (the end of the series ran in January and February)

Sites of Contestation, edited by Isaac Thornley, Alexandra Watt Simpson, Laurence Butet-Roch, and Jessica DeWitt (March)

Canadian Atomic Histories, edited by Joshua McGuffie and M. Blake Butler (May-June)

Succession II: Queering the Environment, edited by Estraven Lupino-Smith, Addie Hopes, and Jessica DeWitt (June)

STUFF, edited by Blair Stein, in partnership with Histoire Source | Source History (July)

Water Pedagogies, edited by Sritama Chatterjee and Andrew Watson (July-October)

Learning from and with Invasive Species: pluralities, refractions, futures, edited by Estraven Lupino-Smith (August)

Fire Stories, edited by Mica Jorgenson (August-October)

Visual Cultures of the Circumpolar North, edited by Isabelle Gapp and Mark A. Cheetham (August-October)

Mega Dams, edited by Lori Lee Oates (October)

Ghost Light: Folkloric Nonhumanity on the Environmental Stage, edited by Caroline Abbott Evans (October-November)

We also published:

16 posts featuring new book publications

5 posts featuring new article publications

35 announcements

18 calls for papers/contributors/participants

10 cross posts with other notable blogs

10 book reviews

12 editions of Environmental History Worth Reading

16 episodes of NiCHE Conversations

3 episodes of Nature’s Past podcast

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We’re busier than ever at NiCHE, and we rely entirely on a volunteer executive and editorial board. If you appreciate all we’ve been able to accomplish in 2022, we hope you’ll consider supporting us with a donation.

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