Announcing the “NiCHE at 20” Merchandise Collection!

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Our second collection of merchandise is now available! Our expanded selection of merchandise features our newly revamped blue maple leaf logo and new designs celebrating our 20th anniversary, designed by our editorial team member, Caroline Abbott!

Choose from t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, baseball caps, and buttons!
You can also still buy our first merchandise design, created by our editor Nicole Miller, which was released in November 2023!

This is a fundraising merchandise store for NiCHE. Each purchase is a donation to NiCHE that helps us with maintaining our ongoing work and prices are set accordingly. Your purchase helps us to:

  • Pay our digital strategist/social media manager
  • Offer small honoraria to contributors who are junior scholars, graduate students, and precariously employed
  • Support graduate student travel to the Canadian History & Environment Summer School and other conferences
  • Maintain our website

Many many thanks to Nicole and Caroline for the love and labour they put into making this merchandise and the store possible!

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