Podcast – Laborem Ex Machina: A History of Construction Machinery and Operating Engineers in Canada

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The Laborem Ex Machina podcast series, produced by Gilberto Fernandes, explores the fascinating technological, business, labour, military, cultural, gender, racial, children and youth, and environmental history of modern construction machines and their operating engineers in Canada in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. This 8-episode series has a digital companion with photos, artwork, videos, interactive maps, infographics, historical records, and other illustrations meant to be browsed through while listening. Episode 7, “Nature and Cities,” may be of especial interest to NiCHE readers!

This project was sponsored by the International Union of Operating Engineers’ Local 793 in partnership with the Global Labour Research Centre and the Department of History at York University.

Laborum ex Machina podcast
Feature Image: Construction worker standing on metal beam directing the lowering of metal beams during construction of the Teron Building, Ottawa, Ontario. May 1961. Photographer: Grant, Ted, 1929-2020. Credit: Library and Archives Canada.

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