Call for 2023 NiCHE Editors and Executive Committee Members

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The Network in Canadian History & Environment / Nouvelle initiative canadienne en histoire de l’environnement is seeking new editorial team and executive committee members. We welcome expressions of interest from anyone active in the academic study of environmental history and historical geography, including those in related fields and professional areas.

We are looking for people who are:

  • experienced with WordPress (or willing to learn!)
  • creative, thoughtful, and interested in recruiting writers to develop blog posts and series for our website
  • keen to develop and maintain teaching and research resource pages
  • familiar with Canadian and environmental history
  • French and English-language editors
  • engaged with work at the intersection of history and the environment, and who want to contribute to the operation of Canada’s largest not-for-profit public environmental history organization

Executive Committee (1 Position Available)

Executive Committee terms are three years with option for renewal. The Executive Committee oversees the website, organization activities and events, network collaboration, and non-profit management. Executive Committee members are part of the Editorial Team and are expected to edit and create content for our website and blog. Executive Committee members must hold a PhD or equivalent career experience. The Executive Committee is a voluntary position. The Executive Committee meets approximately 3 times a year, plus additional subcommittee meetings. Executive Committee members must meet one of the following criteria:

  • Based at a Canadian Institution
  • Independent Scholar based in Canada
  • Canadian scholar living outside of the country

For 2023, we have one position available on the Executive Committee

Editorial Team (4 Positions Available)

The Editorial Team supports the work of the Executive by editing, soliciting, and writing content for our blog; editing and maintaining our resource pages; and helping to develop new NiCHE initiatives. We welcome our editors to bring new ideas to the table. Editorial Team positions are one-year terms (January 1, 2023 – December 31, 2023), with an annual option for renewal. Editorial Team members can be based in any geographic location, and we welcome a variety of expertises, including geographic and disciplinary. Editorial Team members are welcome to edit and write pieces in both English and French. The Editorial Team is a voluntary position. We have four Editorial Team positions to fill for the 2023 term.

NiCHE is a Canadian-based, volunteer-run, not-for-profit organization of researchers and educators who work at the intersection of nature and history. We explore the historical context of environmental matters and communicate our findings to researchers, policymakers, and the public.

Our main platform for communicating our work is this website, where we publish a blog, book reviews, news & announcements, a monthly newsletter, a podcast, videos, a peer-reviewed journal, teaching/research resources, research project websites, and more. We also do other things such as host an annual summer school, adjudicate an annual book/article prize, and coordinate a network for graduate students.

We do all this with the support of the broader NiCHE community and through the time, effort, and energy of our volunteer editorial/executive committee.

NiCHE strives for inclusivity. We are eager to represent the diversity of the academic community in our executive and editorial board and encourage expressions of interest from women and members from LGBTQ2+,  BIPOC, and neurodiverse communities.

If you think you would like to put some time, effort, and energy into helping make great things at NiCHE by joining our editorial/executive board, please fill out the below form and let us know by November 1, 2022. Applicants will hear back on their application within four weeks.

Featured image: View of Rogers Centre from CN Tower by Sean Kheraj (2022).

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