November for NiCHE – 2023 Fundraising Campaign

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It is November. For us at NiCHE that means our annual appeal to our wonderful community to support our work for another year!

Since 2005, the NiCHE website has been providing a supportive community for scholars in environmental history and humanities by publishing blog posts, announcing ground-breaking scholarship and upcoming events, hosting resources and project pages, and creating a platform for authors to share their work.

NiCHE is a volunteer non-profit organization and it is exciting to work with so many brilliant, insightful, and generous folks. We truly love the work we do, and we’d like everyone who reads, writes, and thinks about Canada and the environment to be a part of the community we work to create.

Over the next month, we are asking readers like you to show your support. In each of the last two years, we met our fundraising goal of $8,000 thanks to so many generous donations. This year, we’re hoping to raise twice that amount: $16,000!

This year we’re hoping to raise $16,000!

Maybe you’ve showcased your research and writing with The Otter, orassigned a post to students to read, or shared something published on our site over social media? Perhaps you have been thinking of developing an online presence for your research and are considering using our Projects page? Have you ever consulted the NiCHE Resources or Digital Tools pages to find tips for hosting a sustainable conference or to download syllabi?

If the content and resources we’ve published over the years has value to you, we would be so grateful if you would join our list of Supporters!

We know that budgets are tight these days, and that there are many worthy causes in need to support. But we are hopeful that our supporters will agree to donate an amount they are comfortable with to help us for another year!

What are we going to spend twice as much money on this year to support our ongoing services and three big needs?

  1. A small raise to the fair compensation we pay our part-time editor, digital strategist, and social media manager to maintain our online presence.
  2. Increase the number of small honoraria we can offer to contributors who are junior scholars, graduate students, and precariously employed to recognize the importance and value of the work they choose to publish with us.
  3. Create a small fund that we can use to offer travel bursaries to environmental history graduate students to attend the Canadian History and Environment Summer School, or another conference related to environmental history.
  4. Web hosting costs and publishing expenses.

At NiCHE, we continue our important volunteer work to help maintain a vibrant and connected scholarly community for people interested in environmental history and humanities. If each of you helped by supporting us with a donation through our fundraising page we can continue to support our community and generate the content you have come to expect from us, including the NiCHE blogbook reviewsnews & announcementsmonthly newslettera podcastvideosa peer-reviewed journalteaching/research resourcesresearch project websitesand more.

From the entire executive and editorial board, thank you for seeing value in what we do at NiCHE!

NiCHE encourages comments and constructive discussion of our articles. We reserve the right to delete comments that fail to meet our guidelines including comments under aliases, or that contain spam, harassment, or attacks on an individual.