Environmental History Meets Public Policy – Webinar Series

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Environmental History Meets Public Policy – Webinar Series

“A series of training webinars ending with a hybrid stakeholder debate.”

22 March  – 21 June 2022

This series is a collaboration between the academic collectives Historians for FutureClimate Change and History Research Initiative and the International Advisory Panel on Environmental History and Policy, supported by the Centre for Grand Strategy at King’s College London, the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History, and Dickinson College, Pennsylvania.


Since at least the 1960s, environmental historians have been amassing evidence and gaining insights into past human interactions with climate and the ecosystems we formed part of over the course of history, from antiquity to the present day.


Our learn-and-debate series is intended to facilitate and give momentum to this process. We will provide the environmental history community with the basic understanding of the ways by which science and policy interact, in particular in the European context, helping individuals and groups to engage in the policy making process.


Our series is designed to offer knowledge that is necessary to step out of the academic silo and engage with stakeholders in the policy world. We therefore invite any scientists or humanists who feel this practical knowledge might be useful for their own policy outreach activities to join us and participate.


Through a series of practical workshops and roundtable discussions, participants will be introduced to different policy actors and the process of policy engagement will be demystified. Channels for engagement will be explored, and researchers will leave equipped with the tools and practical skill-set to actively bridge their research and the policy community. The climax of our series is a hybrid event in Berlin, which will feature lightning talks on possible policy lessons by invited environmental historians, and a feedback debate with policy stakeholders.

Feature Image: “greens” by Sunny M5 is marked with CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.
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Lea Beiermann & Elizabeth Hameeteman

Lea Beiermann and Dr. Elizabeth Hameeteman are members of Historians for Future.

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