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The Historians for Future climate group are excited to launch their new podcast, which provides a historical perspective on the climate and biodiversity crisis. The podcast invites us to think about environmental history, the history of science and social history, the critical potential of historical studies for thinking about the future – and why all this matters.

The podcast is an essential part of the Historians for Future platform, reaching beyond academia, beyond individual research projects, and beyond the past. The podcast brings together interviewees who are historians in the broadest sense of the term, including scholars, students, activists, and other people who engage with history, to explore our environmental past together and imagine more sustainable climate futures.

The podcast breaks down current research and activism into short episodes of around twenty minutes each. To kickstart the first series of episodes, Historians for Future are joined by Simon Schaffer, Professor of the History of Science at the University of Cambridge and co-investigator on the Leverhulme Project ‘Making Climate History’: What can we learn from history about climate change? How did we get here? And how does the climate crisis affect our research and teaching? You can listen to the first episode here.

Future episodes will look at the role of the humanities in understanding our climate, the history of environmental activism and the history of climate science. For feedback and suggestions for future interviewees, please do get in touch via contact@historiansforfuture.org.

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Lea Beiermann & Elizabeth Hameeteman

Lea Beiermann and Dr. Elizabeth Hameeteman are members of Historians for Future.

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