Special Issue of Histoire sociale/Social history on “The History of Tourism in Canada”

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Readers of The Otter ~ La Loutre may be interested in a new special issue of Histoire sociale/Social history on “The History of Tourism in Canada” that has a strong Canadian environmental history bent to it, including a number of NiCHE editors. The  issue can be accessed online here: http://muse.jhu.edu/issue/33558

Histoire sociale/Social history Volume 49, Numéro/Number 99, juin/June 2016

Table of Contents

Numéro spécial sur « L’histoire du tourisme au Canada »
Special Issue on “The History of Tourism in Canada”

Rédacteurs invités/Guest Editors: Ben Bradley and J. I. Little















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Daniel is an Associate Professor in the Institute of the Environment and Sustainability at Western Michigan University. He is co-editor of The Otter-La loutre and is a member of the NiCHE executive board. A transnational environmental historian who focuses on Canadian-American border waters, particularly in the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence basin, Daniel is the author of "Negotiating a River: Canada, the US, and the Creation of the St. Lawrence Seaway" and co-editor of "Border Flows: A Century of the Canadian-American Water Relationship" and "The First Century of the International Joint Commission." His book "Fixing Niagara Falls: Environment, Energy, and Engineers at the World's Most Famous Waterfall" will be published in September 2020, and his in-progress research projects include Canada-US environmental diplomacy and a co-authored book on the environmental history of Lake Ontario. Website: https://danielmacfarlane.wordpress.com Twitter: @Danny__Mac__


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