Coming Soon to EHTV: A Town Called Asbestos

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Coming soon to a computer screen near you, A Town Called Asbestos!


This series of 5 webisodes by Jessica van Horssen and Graham Wood will trace the local and global history of the Quebec asbestos industry with videos from the field and beyond. It’s turning out to be an amazing project, so watch this space for when it’s released!


If you’re interested in catching more EHTV videos of how Environmental Historians spend their summer vacations, please visit NiCHE’s EHTV website.


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I am a Senior Lecturer in North American History at Leeds Beckett University. My research interests are in transnational environmental health and contamination, and I always seek to blend historical research with public engagement. My monograph, A Town Called Asbestos: Environmental Change, Health, and Resilience in a Resource Community was published by UBC Press in 2016.

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