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Canadian Guard brushing bearskin hat, 1961. Source: LAC. Item K-5866. Box TCS 01186.

EHTV Episode 18 – The Royal Timmins Bear Hunt of 1959

A recent case of black bear gall bladder possession in northern Ontario prompted Mike Commito to investigate the transnational connections associated with bear hunting.

"One Tree Island, Skeleton Lake, Muskoka", Photo: Memotions

EHTV Episode 17 – Joe to Go Home: Downstream through Muskoka’s Past

Follow the route Jim Clifford and Andrew Watson took from Lake Joseph in Muskoka to Go Home Bay on Georgian Bay.


EHTV Episode 16 – Collective Recollections: Food Histories and Food Futures in the Kingston Region

The latest video showcases how historical food knowledge helps us imagine our food futures.

Dredging Work in Manitoba, Archives of Manitoba

EHTV Episode 15 – Oak Hammock

This episode features an interview with Shannon Stunden Bower about the history of Oak Hammock Marsh.

From "Supper in the Field" by Merle Massie

EHTV Episode 14 – Supper in the Field

A modern look at the classic fall activity: feeding a harvest crew, highlighting local food (garden fresh produce and locally sourced chickens).

From "Fire Season" by Sinead Earley and Patrick Earley

EHTV Episode 13 – Fire Season

Another short film from the Place and Placelessness workshop.


EHTV Episode 12 – Southern Quartet

The 2011 Place and Placelessness Virtual Graduate Conference featured a short film competition. EHTV is proud to present the three films submitted to the contest as a special series. The second film in this […]


EHTV Episode 11: Lost in Space, Found in Place

The 2011 Place and Placelessness Virtual Graduate Conference featured a short film competition.

Jeffrey Mine, Asbestos, QC, Photo: -AX-

EHTV Episode 10: A Town Called Asbestos V

The final episode of a five-part series on the history of asbestos mining in Quebec.

Asbestos worker in Johns-Manville Factory in Quebec, 1944. Source: Library and Archives Canada, WRM 4713

EHTV Episode 09: A Town Called Asbestos Part IV

The fourth part in Dr. Jessica Van Horssen’s mini-series on the history of asbestos mining in Quebec.

Asbestos Mine, Thetford Mine, QC, [n.d.] Bibliothèque et Archives Nationales du Québec

EHTV Episode 08: A Town Called Asbestos Part III

The third installment of this five-part series.

Advertisement for Asbestos roofing by Johns-Manville Inc. Architectural Forum Vol 35 Issue 1, 1921.

EHTV Episode 07: A Town Called Asbestos Part II

This week continues its five-part series on asbestos in Quebec with the second installation.