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Should Canadian and environmental historians publish like thisThe Open Humanities Press, an international open-access publishing collective, has been publishing and supporting online peer-reviewed scholarly journals on contemporary critical thought since at least 2006. OHP is committed to providing the same rigorous peer-review process and high-quality scholarship of traditional subscription-based or “gated” journals.

As scholarly publishing changes with the high-cost of print publications and the global reach of digital distribution, Canadian and environmental historians need to take a closer look at the merits and drawbacks of this model of scholarly publishing.

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Jöttkandt, Sigi. ‘Free Libre Scholarship: The Open Humanities Press’

Hall, Gary. ‘The Impact of the Humanities: or, What’s Next for Open Access’

Novelist, blogger, and technology activist, Cory Doctorow, posted a video of some of his thoughts on the importance of an open-access approach to scholarship and education. He recorded this video for the European Union’s International Symposium on Helping Educational Leaders Use New Tools. Doctorow lays out some of his main arguments and ideas on the value of using Creative Commons in education because, as he says, “the educational system exists to educate students, not to subsidize publishers.”.