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Thank you, supporters and super friends.

Last month, NiCHE held its first fundraising campaign and I think it is safe to say that it was a terrific success. Our goal was to raise $8,000 to support the ongoing activities of the network including:

  • Web hosting costs
  • Fair compensation for a part-time editor and social media manager to maintain our online presence
  • Honoraria to recognize the work of contributors, especially junior scholars, graduate students, and those precariously employed
  • Publishing costs for our peer-reviewed publications

We reached that goal and then some. In total, we raised $8,100 by the end of the campaign. A generous anonymous donor also agreed to match any donations made in the last five days of the campaign. That donor contributed $2,115. Plus, we received a direct donation of $1,000 outside of the campaign itself. Altogether, NiCHE raised $11,215 (minus payment processing fees).

Thank you for your support of NiCHE. We were a little nervous dipping our toes into the world of fundraising, but we were reassured by the response from our community.

Starting in 2022, we will be able to sustainably fund our publishing operations, pay a part-time editor and social media manager, start a process for paying honoraria to contributors, and continue to fund our annual book/article prize. This is all possible thanks to you and your support.

If you weren’t able to become a NiCHE supporter last month, we will continue to accept donations on an ongoing basis on our support page.

Feature Image by Sean Kheraj.

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The Network in Canadian History and Environment (NiCHE) is a volunteer-led, not-for-profit public history organization dedicated to the dissemination of environmental history research in Canada and building a network of researchers. We make a blog, book reviews, news & announcements, a monthly newsletter, a podcast, videos, a peer-reviewed journal, teaching/research resources, research project websites, and more.

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Sean Kheraj

Associate Professor and Vice-Provost Academic at Toronto Metropolitan University
Sean Kheraj is a member of the executive committee of the Network in Canadian History and Environment. He's an associate professor in the Department of History and Vice-Provost Academic at Toronto Metropolitan University. His research and teaching focuses on environmental and Canadian history. He is also the host and producer of Nature's Past, NiCHE's audio podcast series and he blogs at

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