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The NiCHE 10, spring 2015: Lafreniere, Rück, Stunden Bower, Macfarlane, Bonnell, Clapperton, Degroot, Dunkin, MacFadyen, McLaughlin

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A little while back, I posted about the five seven eight NiCHE members who landed potentially-permanent jobs of late. I am happy to provide yet one more  update this spring, bringing the total to ten! A big congratulations to

Jennifer Bonnell, specialist in Canadian environmental history and HGIS, who joins the Department of History at York University.

Daniel Macfarlane, transnational/borderland Canadian/American environmental historian, completing his first year in the Department of Environmental and Sustainability Studies at Western Michigan University. (How did I miss you last time, Dan?)

They follow Jon ClappertonDagomar Degroot, Jess DunkinDon Lafreniere, Josh MacFadyen, Mark McLaughlin, Daniel Rück, and Shannon Stunden Bower, all hired since last fall — seven just this spring. Their success shows the strength of environmental history / historical geography in Canada these days and sets the field in great standing for the future.


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