Fantastic, Five

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A big congratulations to not one, not two, not three, not four — ok, not seventeen — but five NiCHE stalwarts who landed potentially-permanent gigs this spring — including four tenure-track positions! Congratulations to

Jon Clapperton, specializing in Canadian Aboriginal history, joins the Department of History at Memorial University of Newfoundland.

Dagomar Degroot, historian of European and Arctic early modern climate, joins the Department of History at Georgetown University.

Jess Dunkin, North American sports and leisure historian, is off to Yellowknife as the On the Land Programs Consultant for the Northwest Territories Recreation and Parks Association.

Josh MacFadyen, Canadian historian of energy and commodities, takes up an environmental humanities position cross-appointed between the School of Historical, Philosophical, and Religious Studies and the School of Sustainability at Arizona State University.

Mark McLaughlin, environmental historian of New Brunswick forestry, is to be cross-appointed between History and the Canadian-American Center at the University of Maine.

All the best to all five in their new adventures.

(And let me know if I’ve missed anyone!)




Magnificent, Seven? 

Exceptional, Eight!

Ok, this is getting crazy.

Congratulations to three more NiCHErs, two who landed tenure-track gigs in the really recent past & another who is starting up this fall:

Lafreniere, Rueck, Stunden BowerDon Lafreniere, historical geographer & GIS wizard, has landed in the Department of Social Sciences and Great Lakes Research Center, Michigan Technological University.

Daniel Rück, historian of colonialism & indigenous lands, teaches in the Department of History and the Institute of Canadian & Aboriginal Studies at the University of Ottawa.

Shannon Stunden Bower, environmental historian of the Canadian prairie west, joins the Department of History at the University of Alberta.

Thanks to the community for sharing this good news. Keep it coming!

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