Environmental Media Lab Grad Scholars in Residence – 2024 Public Talks Recording

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The theme for this year’s Environmental Media Lab Grad Scholar in Residence was “extractive media.” During the month-long virtual residence, students benefit from intensive mentorship, networking, publish their work in Heliotrope, and give a public talk. This year’s public talks occurred virtually on March 28th, and the recording of these talks is now available on YouTube.

  • “Greening Extractivism: The Case of Canadian Lithium” – Kailey Walker (Queen’s)
  • “The Christmas Antenna” – Natalia Orrego (Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile)
  • “Visions for Energy Transition” – Helen A. Hayes (McGill)
  • “At the Ends of Media: E-Waste Pollution, Secondhand Extraction, and Environmental Politics in Guiyu, China” – Tinghao Zhou (UCSB)
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Mél Hogan

Associate Prof. Communication, Media and Film at University of Calgary
I am the Director of the Environmental Media Lab (EML: www.environmentalmedialab.com) and an Associate Professor in Communication, Media and Film at the University of Calgary. My work generally focuses on data centers and cloud imaginaries. These days, I'm exploring DNA data storage, and (what I've been calling) "genomic media" -- deployments of DNA for computation and archiving. Since 2015, I've also been teaching and thinking about digital death, the digital afterlife, and new cloud technologies dedicated to death in various ways.

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