Announcing the NiCHE Merchandise Store!

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November for NicHE - 2023 Fundraising Campaign

We are thrilled to announce the opening of our first NiCHE Merchandise store!

For years we have wanted to be able to offer NiCHE Merchandise to our community! (And perhaps we wanted a NiCHE hoodie for ourselves as well). With the help of our editorial team member, Nicole Miller – who took the helm of this project and designed the art for this group of merchandise – we have finally made this dream a reality!

Sean Kheraj (left) and Jessica DeWitt (right) model the first-ever NiCHE t-shirt design! Center: make sipping from our new NiCHE mug while browsing our website part of your morning routine.

We have five items available right now: t-shirt, hoodie, mug, sticker set, and tote bag.

This is a fundraising merchandise store for NiCHE. Each purchase is a donation to NiCHE that helps us with maintaining our ongoing work and prices are set accordingly. Shipping costs are included in the cost (Canada and US only). Your purchase helps us to:

  • Pay our digital strategist/social media manager
  • Offer small honoraria to contributors who are junior scholars, graduate students, and precariously employed
  • Support graduate student travel to the Canadian History & Environment Summer School and other conferences
  • Maintain our website

AND if you already have or do donate to our MAIN NOVEMBER FUNDRAISER, you will receive a 10% off discount code for your merch order. The store will be open until DECEMBER 13th!

This is an experiment, and if it goes relatively well we hope to explore future merch designs, products, and perhaps a permanent NiCHE store.

NiCHE Radial Design by Nicole Miller.

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