STREAMS Conference Programme Now Available!

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STREAMS: Transformative Environmental Humanities, Stockholm

Online Conference

August 3-6, 2021

Hosted by KTH Environmental Humanities Laboratory

STREAMS is an online conference which invites both presenters and non-presenters to meet and discuss different subjects within the field of the environmental humanities. The conference is built up by keynotes, single presentations, network rooms, and different themed STREAMS. A stream offers a mix of roundtables, paper presentations, films, and/or other artistic events on subjects such as environmental justice, ecological knowledge, crisis and transformation in society, petrocultures, energy humanities, ocean governance, more-than-human arts, nuclear narratives, and much more.

The online platform allows participants from all over the world to join. Many of the sessions will be recorded and made available on the platform even after the presentation, which allows people in different time zones to enjoy them. As a non-presenter you register here! The price of 250 SEK (approx 25 EUR) includes a pass to all days and sessions as well as access to network rooms and discussions.

Feature Image: “Buna (Ada Bojana) Estuary, Montenegro & Albania” by eutrophication&hypoxia is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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