Live Stream: What’s Next for Canadian Environmental History?

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What lies ahead for the field of Canadian environmental history? To find out, we are holding a live stream event on Youtube next week on Friday, April 16 at 2:30pm (Eastern) featuring Heather Green (Saint Mary’s University), Shannon Stunden Bower (University of Alberta), and Alan MacEachern (Western University). Please join us.

Ten years ago this month, environmental historians and historical geographers gathered for a workshop called “EH+: Writing the Next Chapter of Canadian Environmental History,” hosted by the Network in Canadian History and Environment and the Wilson Institute for Canadian History. Readers can listen to the podcast we recorded about that workshop and watch the video we produced. Our panel of environmental historians will reflect on the last ten years of the field and think about what’s next to come.

This event is part of the American Society for Environmental History’s “Environmental History Week.” Register for free to access all the events.

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