Environmental History Panels at Congress 2014

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Congress 2014, hosted by Brock University, is quickly approaching. I’ve gone over the preliminary programs for both the Canadian Historical Association and the Canadian Association of Geographers and highlighted a panels that may be of interest to, or are being presented by, environmental historians. The PDF CHA schedule is here and the CAG is here.

I may have missed a few panels, so please let me know in the comments and I’ll update the list.

Monday, May 26


 Finding Nature, Hiding Culture and Forgetting Industry at Canadian and American Parks. CHA

 Panel: Lauren Wheeler, Jessica DeWitt, Peter Anderson (me!)

Chair: John Walsh


The Great Naked, Rowdy, Drunken Outdoors: Exploring Canada’s Vernacular Culture of Nature through ‘Bad’ Behaviour CHA

Panel: Dale Barbour, Ben Bradley, Mary-Ann Shantz

Chair: Sean Kheraj

Tuesday, May 27


Thinking about Animals in Urban Canada CHA

Panel: Joanna Dean, Christabelle Sethna, Darcy Ingram

Chair: Laura Cameron

 Systems, Spaces, Objects, Identities: Cultural Histories of Technology in 20th Century Canada CHA

 Panel: Daniel Macfarlane, Bret Edwards, Jan Hadlaw, Anne F MacLennan

Chair: Steve Penfold


 Sustainable Development, the Arctic, and “Counterweights”: Problems in the 1970s, Problems Now CHA

 Panel: P. Whitney Lackenbauer, Henry Trim, Frank Maas

Chair: Ian Muller


Forest Ecosystems, Economies and Places CAG

Panel: Sinead Earley; Brenda Murphy, Annette Chretien, Grant Morin; Anderson Assuah; and, Sara Teitelbaum and Ryan Bullock 

 Wednesday, May 28


 Blending Boundaries: Integrating Historical Approaches in Examining the Natural World in 20th Century Canada CHA

 Panel: Jonathan McQuerrie, Mike Commito, Mark Kuhlberg

Chair: TBA


Special Panel on a Proposal for a Canadian Historical GIS Network CAG

Panel: Byron Moldofsky, Leon Robichaud, Donald Lafreniere   

Critical Legal Geographies CAG

Panel: Valentia Capurri; Rebekah Ingram, Adrian John, Richard Quodomine and Jay Toth; and, Laura Schaefli  


The State, Conservation and Moral Economies CHA

Panel: George Warecki, Steve Penfold, Denny DeSerres Brett

Chair: TBA


Interrogating Toronto’s Past CAG

Panel: Richard Anderson, Harvey Rainbow, Phillip Gordon Mackintosh 


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Pete Anderson

Public History Consultant at History Applied
I am an Ottawa-based historical research consultant. My personal research examines the confluence of science, settler colonialism, and landscape change in Canada and my doctoral thesis explored the early history of Ottawa's Central Experimental Farm.

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