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Registering for an account

Registering as a NiCHE member is not difficult. Just navigate to the site, and open the sidebar (or “Hamburger”) menu. Then scroll to the lower right corner of the sidebar and click on “Register for a NiCHE Account.” Fill out the required information on our form to request an account and you’ll be up and running in no time.

The WordPress Dashboard

NiCHE WordPress Dashboard

The dashboard is the nerve centre of WordPress. It allows you to navigate ‘behind the scenes.’ The menu on the left allows you to jump to common places on the site. The only links of likely interest to you are:

  • posts—an inventory of the posts on the site
  • comments—the same but for comments
  • profile—where you can edit your profile

Note the options in the top left. You can:

  • click on NiCHE, and then view the site to leave the administrative interface
  • click on the word bubble to see recent comments
  • click on [+ New] to add a post

What to do if you’ve lost your password

 WordPress is very forgiving when a user forgets their password. If you find yourself in this situation do not despair. Just navigate to the NiCHE landing page and:

  • Scroll to the bottom of the sidebar and locate the login block in the lower right corner of the site.
  • Click on ‘Lost Password.’
  • Enter your username or the email address of your account and click on ‘Get a new password’.
  • You will get an email with a link. Click on it and then select a new password.
  • Log in with your new credentials.

If your email address is not found, try your username instead. If you don’t know what this is, contact the NiCHE administration via the contact form.

Setting up your user profile

Given that NiCHE is a network, you’ll probably want to provide information about you/your research for your peers on the site. We have installed a WordPress plugin that displays information about you to the NiCHE community—this sits underneath any content that you add. It looks like the image below:

  • Once you are logged in click on ‘Profile’ in the upper left sidebar. Please fill out your profile with the fields (note the recommended information in the colour fields below).
  • Enter a picture in the field highlighted in red in the image below. This will be your NiCHE avatar visible on your profile page and beside your comments.
  • Enter your first and last names in the fields that are highlighted yellow in the image below.
  • Note that you can control how your name is displayed publicly with the field that is highlighted green in the image below.
  • Enter the URL of your personal or professional r website in the ‘website’ field highlighted in blue in the image below.
  • Enter a short (3-5 sentence) biography describing your research interests in the field that is highlighted violet in the image below. This research blurb will be visible at the bottom of all of your posts—it is essentially a ‘byline’.

  • Enter your official title in the ‘Position’ field (highlighted red in the image below). E.g. ‘Associate Professor’
  • Enter Your University and department (or other employer) in the ‘Company’ field highlighted purple in the image below. E.g. ‘Western University, Department of History’
  • Optional: Enter the URL of your department, faculty, or professional website in the ‘Company Website’ field highlighted in purple in the image below
  • Enter whatever social media accounts you are comfortable sharing with the NiCHE community.
  • If you do not want to share public information, note that you can tick off the ‘Display Fancier Author Box’ and no information will be available on your profile/under your posts.
  • When you have added this information, click on ‘Update Profile’— you are done.
  • You can edit your profile at any time in the future.