ASEH Membership Survey: Future of Online Programming

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This survey is being conducted by the Remote Community Committee and the Sustainability Committee to better understand the ASEH membership’s experiences with, and hopes for, online programming. Many of the questions and the range of answers that we are asking you to choose from reflect preliminary feedback received about online programming and the ASEH. For more information about this survey and ASEH’s online programming initiatives, see ASEH President Nancy Jacobs’ presidential column in our Fall 2023 newsletter.

The survey is divided into three parts, each of which consists of required questions. Just before the end of the survey, there’s an open comment field where you can share any other thoughts that you might have on this subject. 

The survey is designed to be anonymous. Your email address will not be recorded and it is up to you if you wish to include your name. The survey will be used in the preparation of a report that will offer recommendations about ASEH online programming going forward. Even if you do include your name with your survey responses, no individual responses will be identified by name in the report. 

Because email addresses are not being recorded, it is possible to complete this survey more than once. But please don’t! If you finish the survey and submit it and then feel that you have more that you wish to share about online programming and the ASEH, please email Liza Piper (, chair of the Remote Programming Committee with your feedback. 

Feature Image: “Screenshot 2023 from our Kiwix4schools Africa Mentorship Program online engagements 08” by Ruby D-Brown is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0.

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