Historical GIS Workshop

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Two day Historical GIS Workshop

Computers are a necessary tool for all types of historians. They facilitate access to sources via digital archives, help manage large quantities of documents, and influence our interpretation. Despite these time- and cost-saving benefits, the growth of computing technologies also challenges the pedigree of the historian. Often the historian is required to gain intermediate or even expert knowledge in a particular type of software in order to carry out his or her analysis. Computer skills are also increasingly important in teaching and communicating with students. This is an area seldom taught during the historian’s formal training.

We are currently seeking funding to hold a two day “crash course” in historical GIS. The workshop is tentatively schedualled for July 24th and 25th and it will take place in Toronto.

Marcel Fortin, GIS and Map Librarian at the University of Toronto, will offer hands-on training to a group of interested historians.




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