2015 Canadian History and Environment Summer School, Ottawa

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This year’s CHESS—the Canadian History and Environment Summer School—is ready to roll. “Ottawa: Environmental Capital” runs from Friday May 29 to Sunday May 30. The program includes talks, walking tours, and a full-day field trip on Saturday,  which begins at Ottawa’s historic Chaudiere Falls, loops up the Ottawa valley, and ends in the Diefenbunker, Canada’s cold-war Strangelovian bomb shelter.

Participants should arrive Friday afternoon before the reception. Please check in at the university’s Residence Commons, located on Campus Avenue (CO on the campus map which we’ve provided to all participants). The reception desk is on the second floor: participants will receive their room assignments, as well as a key access card. This card also gives access to the dining area and to your breakfast. The Commons Residence also contains a lounge, a convenience store, a pub, and information desk.

If you require directions to Carleton University, please visit http://carleton.ca/campus/directions. We will also be present in Residence Commons between 3 pm and 4:45 pm  to welcome you. Parking information is available here: https://carleton.ca/parking/. Parking areas are also indicated on the attached Carleton campus map (which participants have received). The closest parking area is P6.

The first event is a Friday reception and talk: this will take place in the Carleton University Art Gallery (CUAG) which begins at 5:00 pm. CUAG is located in the basement of the St. Patrick Building, which is located across from Residence Commons.

Please be prepared for all weather conditions. Most of Saturday will be spent outdoors and on Sunday we begin the day with a walking tour. Comfortable walking shoes, a raincoat or all-weather jacket, and a water bottle are recommended. And please remember to keep all your travel receipts and boarding passes!

Download the full CHESS 2015 final program here.

Download a PDF map of Carleton University here.


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