Top Five Posts of 2023

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Just when we thought we couldn’t get bigger, we smashed our annual readership statistics in 2023 and surpassed 200,000 viewers for the first time (216,459 to be exact!). Thanks to everyone who has helped make us a center for global environmental research publishing.

To give you a sense of what we accomplished last year, here’s NiCHE by the numbers:

The Top-Five Most-Read Posts of 2023 are:

5) “Emotional Ecologies: An Introduction” by Sarah York-Bertram and Jessica DeWitt

4) “Visualizing the History of Energy in the United States, 1780-2021” by Cutler Cleveland and Heather Clifford

3) “Erich Fromm’s Biophilia” by Julia Ludewig

2) “Cod, Colonialism, and the Anthropocene” by Sandy Hunter

1) “Tornado in Niagara: An 18th Century Canadian Catastrophe” by Jessica Linzel

We are lucky to have such amazing contributors and a large team of brilliant editors to work with them! We are excited to see where our continued momentum takes us in 2024! Cheers, all!

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