Top Five Posts of 2022

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2022 was the biggest year for our humble website. The addition of many new editors and many new contributors broadened both our content and our reach. To give you a sense of what we accomplished last year, here’s NiCHE by the numbers:

  • 263 posts
  • 273,567 words
  • 122,441 site visitors
  • 8 book reviews
  • 15 NiCHE Conversations episodes
  • 3 Nature’s Past podcast episodes
  • 2 live streams
  • 80 donors

The Top-Five Most-Read Posts of 2022 are:

5) “The Disappearing Harbour: Navigating the Environmental History of St. Peters Harbour, Prince Edward Island” by Barbara Rousseau

4) “Bolt to Alaska! Energetic Lessons from a 4,300-mile Electric Road Trip, Part I” by Phil Wight

3) “The Arrival of the Harmony” by Jonathan Westaway

2) “What is the History of Logging Protests in British Columbia? Part Two” by David Brownstein

1) “Such Quantities of Sand! Storm Surges and Coastal Change on Prince Edward Island” by Barbara Rousseau

We are lucky to have a dedicated community of readers and supporters and we are looking forward to what the New Year will bring. Thanks for being with us for 2022 and we hope you join us for the ride in 2023.

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