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Want to spread the word about your current research project? Get some feedback on a new approach? Publicize a podcast or a video you have created? Notify the wider NiCHE community about an upcoming event?

Your contributions are what continue to make the NiCHE website a vibrant forum for research and discussion in environmental history, historical geography, and related disciplines within and beyond Canada’s borders.

We welcome submissions in diverse media and formats, including blog posts, audio and video posts, and event notifications. Anyone who has registered for an account on the NiCHE website can contribute material directly with our easy-to-use WordPress site. After you upload material it will be reviewed and edited by members of the editorial team.

To find out how to contribute material directly to the NiCHE website through WordPress, visit our Guidelines for Contributors page. If you’d like to discuss a potential contribution, get in touch with one of the NiCHE editorial team members through our contact form.

NiCHE is what we make of it, together. Step in and join the conversation!


NiCHE encourages comments and constructive discussion of our articles. We reserve the right to delete comments that fail to meet our guidelines including comments under aliases, or that contain spam, harassment, or attacks on an individual.