A Call for Reviews for The Otter ~ La loutre

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Otter with whelp
Otter with whelp

Presenting The Whelp, a review column for The Otter ~ La loutre:

The editors of The Otter ~ La loutre, the NiCHE group blog, are pleased to announce that the blog is accepting reviews for a new monthly column on Canadian environmental history. Reviews of books and other media will help to provide researchers and educators, who work at the intersection of nature and history, with up to date information on recently published works in Canadian environmental history (2010+).

Book reviews must be 750-1000 words in length. Reviewers can be at any stage in their academic and professional careers (public historians, graduate students, associate professors, etc). In addition to having the opportunity to contribute to The Otter ~ La loutre, all reviewers will receive complementary copies of the books being reviewed.

If you are interested in reviewing recent publications in Canadian environmental history please contact Denny Brett at: dbrett@ualberta.ca

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