NiCHE Contest: Desert Island Picks

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Deadline: Dec 23 2011
Event Website: Event Webpage
City: N/A
Primary Contact Name: Jim Clifford
Contact Email:

desertisland 005What got you interested in nature and the past? What’s kept you interested? For lots of us in historical geography / environmental history, there’s a book (nonfiction or fiction) or film (documentary or feature) or article or even song that did the trick. It’s the title that we first recommend to others, it’s a dog-eared possession, it’s our desert island pick.

NiCHE invites you to tell us about up to five works that have the most meaning for you. They can be scholarly or popular, they can be classics or instant classics. Just tell us their names – or, better yet, tell us what makes them great. We’ll compile lists of the top Canadian and non-Canadian works cited, and present that on our website in January.

I almost forgot: It’s a contest!

All entries will be entered into two draws to win books from the UBC Press Nature | History | Society series.

The grand prize will go to the person who provides the best description or defense of his/her choices. That entrant will win a Flip Camcorder, a copy of the NiCHE / University of Calgary Press book, A Century of Parks Canada, and a book of his/her choice from the UBC Press Nature/History/Society series.
Please send your list to Jim Clifford ( ) by Friday 23 December 2011.

Thanks to UBC Press and University of Calgary Press for donating books for the contest.

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