EH+ Andrew Nikiforuk’s Keynote Address and a Twitter Archive

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H.V. Nelles and Claire Campbell at EH+
H.V. Nelles and Claire Campbell at EH+

A video of the EH+ keynote address and a link to the full Twitter archive.

This past weekend, NiCHE and the L. R. Wilson Centre for Canadian History hosted a major event, EH+ Writing the Next Chapter of Canadian Environmental History. The full workshop began with a keynote lecture by a leading journalists, Andrew Nikiforuk, who gave a great talk on his book Tar Sands: Dirty Oil and the Future of a Continent. Andrew agreed to allow us to record and post his talk on our website (if the video does not play at first click pause and then click play again and it should start – we are working on this problem).

Along with this video of the keynote speech, we also have a great archive of the virtual Twitter component of EH+. Throughout the weekend participants Micro-Blogged the discussions and involved a few NiCHE members unable to travel to Burlington (including one in Japan and another in Edmonton). You can read through the hundreds of short comments in this Twitter Archive. I’ve also created a wordcloud from the Twitter comments (click on the photo to enlarge):


Check back during the weeks ahead for more comments and reflections on the new directions in Canadian Environmental History that emerged out of EH+.

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