Lauren Wheeler acclaimed NiCHE New Scholars Representative

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Lauren Wheeler!

I would like to congratulate Lauren Wheeler, a PhD Candidate at the University of Alberta, for being acclaimed as the NiCHE New Scholars Representative. Lauren has worked closely with the New Scholars Committee over the past few years, participating in the Skype Reading Group and acting as Co-chair of the first annual Place and Placelessness Virtual Conference in the fall of 2010. Lauren is replacing the conference’s co-chair, Will Knight. After two years as NiCHE New Scholars Representative, Will has moved on to become one of the graduate student representatives for the ASEH. We would like to thank Will for all his hard work with NiCHE and congratulate him in his new role.

Lauren plans to build on Will’s successes, by supporting the organizing committee of the second Place and Placelessness conference, and by maintaining the monthly reading group. Lauren and I would also like to focus on making more graduate students in environmental history and historical geography aware of these New Scholars activities during the first years of the MAs and PhDs. If you are a graduate student or if you are supervising graduate students in Environmental History, please contact Lauren or encourage your students to contact Lauren, to become more involved with the NiCHE New Scholars committee (

Feature image: Photo by simon peel on Unsplash.
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