Initative to Preserve Canada’s Forest History

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NiCHE is undertaking a new effort to preserve Canada’s forest history.

In collaboration with the Canadian Forest Service (, and the United States based Forest History Society (, NiCHE is undertaking a new effort to preserve Canada’s forest history. The project will include a survey and assessment of archival repositories in Canada, and their ability and willingness to preserve collections of forest history. It will also begin to identify and make known collections that exist and are at risk of being lost. The end goal is to make a match between the owners of collections and available repositories.

David Brownstein has begun a part-time position to help lead this effort. He will be working under the direction of Graeme Wynn, professor of geography at the University of British Columbia, and Steve Anderson, FHS president. David will also be working closely with FHS librarian Cheryl Oakes and FHS archivist Eben Lehman.

If you have knowledge of valuable Forest History collections that should be preserved, please contact David ( or Cheryl (

Featured image: Kitimat, British Columbia. Photo by Ben den Engelsen on Unsplash.

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