Planning Next Year’s Edition of Place and Placelessness

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Deadline: Jan 10 2011
Event Website: Event Webpage
City: Online
Primary Contact Name: Will Knight & Lauren Wheeler
Contact Email:

Photo by Lauren Wheeler | Montage by Will Knight
Photo by Lauren Wheeler | Montage by Will Knight

We’re excited to announce that planning for the 2011 edition of “Place and Placelessness” is now underway. The first step is forming a new committee, so we’re putting out the call to all our valued participants and interested individuals, and inviting them to run next year’s version of this innovative workshop for new environmental historians.

This is an opportunity to both grow and experiment with this virtual workshop — and to collaborate with new scholars from around the world. Those interested in forming the new committee will also select, from amongst themselves, two co-chairs who are responsible for the overall coordination of the event. The past organizers are prepared to help and advise, but a new committee will have the latitude put their own stamp on this event.

It is a great opportunity to meet, and work with, your peers from around the world. Please email your expressions of interest to Lauren Wheeler and Will Knight at

Featured image: Photo by Jr Korpa on Unsplash.

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William Knight

Curator at Canada Science and Technology Museums Corp.
William Knight is curator of agriculture, food, and fisheries at the Canada Science and Technology Museums Corporation in Ottawa. He wrote his dissertation on the Canadian Fisheries Museum.

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