Oral History Interview with Gerry Burch

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The first of NiCHE’s forest history interviews is now live! Listen to Gerry Burch share insights gathered through a career of managing British Columbia forests.

Stay tuned for more conversations in this series!


Gerry retired as the vice president of forestry for B.C. Forest Products Ltd. Over time, he has also been the president of the national Canadian Institute of Forestry, president of the Association of B.C. Professional Foresters, and director of the Western Forestry and Conservation Association. Gerry received the Canadian Forestry Achievement Award (CIF), the Distinguished Forester Award (ABCPF), and the Lifetime Western Forestry Award (WFCA). He was the first Chairman of the Reforestation Board and the Plus Tree Board, and was responsible for the publication of four books: The Working Forest of B.C., The Father of Silviculture in B.C: F.D. Mulholland, The Father of Tree Improvement in B.C: Dr A Orr Ewing, and an autobiography entitled Still Counting the Rings.

Featured image: Jasper, British Columbia, 2019. Photo by Martina Vitáková on Unsplash.
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David Brownstein is the Principal of Klahanie Research Ltd (www.klahanieresearch.ca). He is also a longstanding UBC sessional instructor, and the continuing co-ordinator of NiCHE's "The Canadian Forest-History Preservation Project" (still facilitating archival donations after 11 years).


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