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International Water Treaties: Canada and the US

Sometime ago, a member of NiCHE (was it Jennifer Bonnell?) wondered aloud whether the Water History project might compile an index of international water treaties affecting Canada. A great idea and a useful resource, I thought.

It turns out, some American colleagues have already done all of the heavy lifting. Have a look at the University of Oregon’s Program in Water Conflict Management and Transformation’s site which contains a comprehensive listing of treaties dealing with transboundary water between Canada and the United States:

Web Resources on Rivers and Public History

In conjunction with the Confluences Workshop, Jonathan Peyton, a PhD Student in the Department of Geography at UBC, has compiled a great set of web resources relating to rivers and public history.

We have created this collection of web resources to allow participants in the Confluences workshop to engage further with public history endeavours which consider the place of rivers in our communities, memories and identities [Click here to read more…]

Featured Image: Blue Water Bridge, South Side, View to Northeast, St. Clair County, MI. Historic American Buildings Survey (HABS), Library of Congress Prints and Photographs. Photo by Clayton B. Fraser. Accessed via Wikimedia Commons.

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